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Procurement of Seeds


We are dealing in varieties of Agriculture Grain producuts like Green Millet,Yellow Maize,Barley, Sorghum,Wheat,Rice to name a few.

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Oil Seeds

We are dealing in varieties of Indian oil seeds products like Flax Seed,Black Sesame,Mustard Seed Black,Sun Flower Seed to name a few.

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We are dealing in varieties of Indian Pulses products like Urad Dal,Kabuli Chana,Desi Chana,Green Mung Beans to name a few.

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The Company was incorporated on 24th February, 1978 with the main objective of production of certified seeds and marketing it at reasonable price to the farmers.

In order to achieve this the Company organizes seed production programmes through seed growers at various places in the State of Orissa.

The management of the Company is vested in the Board of Directors who are nominated by the State Govt. , National Seeds Corporation (NSC Ltd.) and growers. The Chairman and Managing Director of the Company are also representative of the Govt. of Orissa.

Orissa Sate Seeds Corporation Ltd., popularly known by its brand name “ORISEED” is one of the leading State Seeds Corporation among all State Seed Corporations in India serving in the larger interest of farmers from three decades with farmer’s faith brand loyalty, quality assurance, dedicated service and sustainable contribution for upliftment of farmers with Glorious achievements.



Our Features


To implement for State seed Project forming part of National Seeds Programme in accordance with the arrangements between International Development Agency.

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Mission Vision Values

Orissa State Seeds Corporation Limited (OSSC) is a Government Company under the administrative control of the Department of Agriculture, Government of Orissa.

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Director Desk

At present the OSSC is having 11 number of Directors. Out of which 10 are nominated by the State Govt., N.S.C. and O.U.A.T and one Director representing the Growers

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Status of Seed Processing

Crops are being multiplied from Breeder to Foundation and Foundation to Certified stages in farmers field main

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State Seeds Corporation ODISHA is dedicated to meeting customer requirements and exceeding customer expectations, while exporting quality food ingredients.

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Production & Processing

Breeder seeds constitutes the basis of all further seed production and is used in production of foundation seeds. Breeder seeds is provided by Govt of India.

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Under this project Orissa Sate Seeds Corporation Ltd. established Potato Tissue Culture lab at Cuttack, the purpose of this equipped laboratory is to produce quality seed of potato.



Under the instructions communicated by " Chief Minister Odisha " a project to enhance production of vegetables, especially much required kitchen items to ensure prices at competitive rates with extended supply period.


Enhancing Vegetable Production

Chief Minister Odisha new initiative of enhancing Pulses production. Under this initiative, production of the most common kitchen pulses (mash, moung, masur, chana) will be boosted through provision of quality seed on requisite quantities.


Enhancing Pulses Production